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Early Erie County Newspapers

The newspapers of the county in the 19th century were twenty-seven in number, of which eighteen were published in Erie, as follows: Dailies — Dispatch, Observer, Herald, Leuchtthurm. Weeklies — Dispatch, Observer, Herald, Sunday Gazette, Weekly Gazette, Leuchtthurm, Sunday Graphic, Weekly Graphic, Advertiser, Sonntagsgast, Lake Shore Visitor, Zuschauer, and Jornal de Noticias. Monthly — Star of Liberty. Of these, the Leuchtthurm, Zuschauer and Sonntagsgast were printed in German, and the Jornal de Noticias in Portuguese.

Early Newspapers

The earliest newspaper printed in the county was the Mirror, started in Erie by George Wyeth in 1808, to advocate Federal Constitutional-Republican principles, whatever that may have meant. It was ten by sixteen inches in size, and the subscription price was $2 per year. The editor was not firm enough to refuse contributions from irresponsible writers, and in consequence of the publication of one of an offensive character found it conveni…

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