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The Boston Store

The Boston Store was founded in 1884 in Erie when the Rochester, New York, firm Mellon, Elliott & Quigley opened the Erie Dry Goods store at 1604 Peach Street and then suffered a business failure in 1885, providing an opportunity for the New York firm Sibley, Lindsay & Curr, which owned Sibley’s Department Store in Rochester, to take over the Peach Street store. Sibley’s store in Rochester were often called the Boston store by the locals there, which became the inspiration for the name to be given to their newly acquired Erie store. Sibley’s needed a local management team to oversee the Boston Store. Elisha H. Mack Jr. was hired and placed in charge, managing the store with his partners Spittal and Roy under the moniker of the Erie Dry Goods Company. In 1902 the management of the store was officially incorporated under the name, with Elisha H. Mack Jr. as president, and Robert Spittal as treasurer. Mack retired in 1925, shortly after his longtime business partner, Spittal, di…

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