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The Place Cafe

I would like to gratefully thank and credit “Evelyn Konzel Cage” for the photos and the information that she provided that made this article possible.
The Place Cafe was located near East 9th Street at 908 Parade Street, within the German community of Erie. August Seus was the proprietor and was well known within the community by his nickname Gus. People often referred to the Place Cafe as Gus Cafe. The cafe served wine, beer, sandwiches and soup. The cafe played a vital role within the community during the Great Depression of the 1930s, providing ox-tail soup for a nickel at all hours, in an effect operating as a soup kitchen. The cafe also had a standing bar where everyone could gather, have a drink and socialize.
August Seus was born in Hammett, Erie County, in 1883, and was married to Mary Ebach Seus. Mary, along with the family, ran a bed and breakfast in Greene Township, while August worked in town. During the Great Depression, August worked at the slaughter house to make ends m…

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